• Who are you?

We are crypto-shift an international crowd funding company with the aim of empowering the ordinary people across the globe.

  • Why are you doing this?

We have seen the need to empower many people across the globe with the concept of crowd funding

  • Is this legal?

YES this is, because we are officially registered in Africa. We have our main office in Zambia and many partner who can provide you the earnings from your contribution

  • How can I become a member without a link?
  • Just click on the JOIN NOW button, select your chosen pack and pay for it using Bitcoin/PayPal.Because it’s a UNILEVEL tree, you will be the top person and you can add as many people as you like on your first level.Get a link from the person who shared the opportunity with you

  • Do I have to add people to earn?
  • NO, Not Mandatory. One can earn profit sharing from Monday to Friday but you can earn more ifyou bring people on board,you will be earning the amount that is mentioned in our compensation plan.Every pack has it’s specific return on investment strategy and the more you invest, the higher the return.

  • Is there a possibility of spill over?
  • NO, because we use unilevel to build your TEAM it’s impossible to earn from other people’s work.This will avoid many future difficulties, everybody earns from the work they do for themselves.

  • How can members earn money?
  • We have 4 ways of earning money:

    1. The pack earnings
    2. Rebuy Bonus
    3. Three packages Bonus
    4. Unilevel Recommendation Bonus

  • Is it possible to upgrade?
  • NO, it’s not possible to upgrade.However, we recommend and encourageyou to, if you want to earn higher commissions, you need to accumulate your earnings until you’re able to buy the higher pack.

  • Do I have to wait to buy a new pack until my other has expired?
  • One can buy a higher package anytime they are ready, no need to wait for the current package to expire.

  • How long will this pack last?
  • The pack lasts for 120 working days, this is 6 months.It’s the first five days of the week, so not in the weekend.

  • Why should I build a TEAM?
  • When you build a team, you will earn extra bonusses. This is 10% to 15% for the first pack they buy and 5% every time your referred friends buy a new pack.

  • Is there a maximum to earn?
  • No maximum in total, however every pack selected has its maximum amount paid out, there is only one thing you have to keep in mind. When you refer people, you will reach the final bonus commissions faster than 120 days.Meaning you can buy an extra pack with your commissions sooner.The advantage of this is you don’t need to pay out of your pocket to buy a new pack. You also will have an extra deduction of 5%.

  • When can I withdraw money and how?
  • The moment you have $50 in your balance you are able to request a withdrawal done from Monday to Friday via Bitcoin wallet.

  • Do I get money if my friend buys a new pack?
  • YES, you both will have profits.Your friend has a 5% discount and you will have the remaining 5%.

  • Does it go deeper than 1 level deep to make money?
  • No, we use a UNILEVEL matrix that is endless in the first level, but is not in the deep.

  • What happens if I only buy my package and do nothing?
  • This is NO problem, people earn when they only buy the pack. The commissions are according to the pack you buy. The higher your pack, the higher your risk you’re willing to take.The risks we want to reward with higher commissions, upto 3.6%.When you buy a $2500 pack you will receive $9000 after 120 working days. You only earn profit sharing daily from Monday to Friday until the 120 days are done.