Terms & Conditions

Section 1 Glossary of Terms
Crypto Shift is a European based company registred in Zambia
An Associate is a person who has enrolled with Crypto Shift and has given the company a valid
Social Security Number or Federal ID Number. Associates can purchase products at wholesale
prices and may also share the Joy with other new members to start their network using a simple UNILEVEL matrix.  People who share the opportunity will be rewarded accordingly.  This sharing of the opportunity with others for the
purpose of earning commissions accordingly. By enrolling as an Associate, the enrollee has indicated that he
or she is willing to abide by all the company polices found in this policy guide.

Active Associate
An Active Associate is anyone who is eligible to receive bonuses and commissions based upon
making a recurring purchase of a new pack.

A customer is a person who has enrolled with Crypto Shift to purchase products at retail prices.
The enrollment process is the same for customers and Associates with the exception that a
customer is not required to submit his or her Social Security or Federal Tax ID Number. A
customer may upgrade to Associate status at any time by submitting his or her Social Security or
Federal Tax ID Number.

An associate may buy as many packs as he/she likes, nobody is obliged to build a TEAM. However if you want to earn more then the earnings of the pack, you will be rewarded with extra bonusses. The company is free to change the different bonusses at any time, according to the support of the business and the long-term existance of the company. This may only be done after the approval of the Manager iwho will send an email trugh Customer Support.

Associate commissions are accumulated in what is called an E-Wallet Account. Commissions
can be withdrawn from the E-Wallet account by logging into the Associate’s virtual office and
clicking on the Commission Tools tab. Between Midnight Saturday and midnight Sunday is the time for requesting
weekly commissions payout that are currently available in the Associate’s E-Wallet. Associates can
request their commissions to be transferred to their Mobile Money or PayPal account.

Daily Profit Sharing

You choose one of the 7 packs we offer when registering.  Every pack has it’s own amount of daily profit, the higher you contribute, the higher the return will be.  We use a profit percentage between 2,2% and 3,6%.

This % is paid daily from Monday to Friday in your wallet.  The moment you have $50 in your wallet, you can request a withdrawal to your Bitcoin account.

In the next page the different Packs are explained.

Unilevel Recommandation Bonus

In Crypto Shift we work with an UNILEVEL matrix.  This means the people on your first level are endless. 

We use this type of matrix because there are many people who don’t want to refer other people and are satisfied with the first Daily Profits.  This is good for us, but if you want to earn faster, this also is possible with this UNILEVEL.

  - From pack 1 to 5 = $20.00 - $750.00 one earns 10%. (Blue, Green, Red, Cyan & Brons)

  - From  pack 6 and 7 = $1500.00 - $2500.00 one earns 15% (Silver & Gold)

These percentages are only for the first buy of the person you introduce to this opportunity 

Three package Bonus

When the people you personally refer, activate their account, this will be registered by our system.

The moment you have 3 people, 3 direct accounts, this all will be accumulated, regardless of the package cost they’ve paid, or when they have purchased the pack.

The value of the 3 accounts will be added and you will be paid in your wallet 10% of the total Sum of the 3 activations.

Note: The value of the package need NOT to be the same.

Rebuy Bonus

To receive this bonus, the members don't withdraw their commissions, they collect the earnings in their wallet in the back office.

Once they have enough to pay for a new pack, this can be the same or lower or higher as preferred, they buy the new pack with their earnings.

If they use the commissions to pay for the new pack. They will receive a bonus of 5% of the value of the pack in their wallet, the moment they have paid for the new pack. 

This bonus goes 2 ways, the person who introduced this buying person, will also get the matching bonus. This is the same amount as you will receive, to advance even faster.

This is made to function as a motivation for people to start building a TEAM on their first level.  There is NO limit on the number of people you can introduce to this Crowd Funding opportunity.

Section 2 Conduct of Associates

Crypto Shift takes pride in the character of is Associates. The following guidelines
are designed to ensure a uniform standard of excellence.
1. Associates may reach out to make a new person feel welcome. However, Associates MAY
NEVER contact any Associate, other than their own personally enrolled with any offer for leads,
co-op advertising shares, or any other business offer, free or otherwise. DO NOT MESS WITH
other people’s personally enrolled. Violators will face swift and permanent termination.                                                                     2. As an Associate, you are personally responsible for any claims or representations made in
regard to Crypto Shift and agree not to slander or misrepresent the company, products, or
business opportunity either verbally or in writing.
3. For protection of the company and your opportunity, you may use company approved materials
in your promotions. If you plan to make you own websites or promotions, they must be submitted
for approval by Crypto Shift. If materials require legal review, such review will be done at the
Associate’s expense. Failure to secure proper approval may result in censorship or cancellation.
4. Associates may not display commission figures or represent anticipated earnings to entice
someone to join Crypto Shift. Potential earnings, however, can be displayed or
represented as long as they are reasonably attainable and accurate. No one can be guaranteed
success as a  Crypto Shift Associate.
5. Associates agree not to make claims that guarantee financial results or health benefits to
customers as a result of participating in the Crypto Shift opportunity.
6. Associates are prohibited from appropriating the company name, or any variation thereof as a
part of any internet domain name, bank account or other use.
7. All purchases and sales of products must be conducted in compliance with local, state, federal,
and country laws. When necessary Associates must obtain permits and pay all taxes due in order
to operate in a lawful and ethical manner.
8. Associates agree to abide by these standards as a protection to customers, Associates, and
the company. Certain restrictions will be enforced upon Associates who violate these policies.
Violations include, but are not limited to:
• Contacting any Crypto Shift Associates that are not personally sponsored, for the purpose
of recruiting them into another company, opportunity, promote other products, or attempt to
recruit someone from another live of sponsorship into a second position in Crypto Shift
• Any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive, unethical business conduct, or any act or omission that may
damage the reputation or goodwill of the company will be setteled in court.
9. With respect to a breach of the agreement, our goal is always to try to resolve any problem in
an amicable fashion that will serve the best interests of all parties involved. Before any action is
taken, an investigation will be conducted. Crypto Shift is committed to fairness and will always go
the extra mile in order not to hurt any of its Associates in any manner.
10. Grievances between Associates should first be taken to his or her sponsor for review, who
can then involve other up line Associates for resolution. If the problem involves policy violations,
they should be reported to the company.
11. Grievances between Associate and Crypto Shift. Should an Associate elect
litigation, the Associate shall pay his or her own attorney fees and expenses, and shall last no
more than two business days. However, prior to instituting litigation the parties shall meet in good
faith and attempt to resolve any dispute arising from the agreement through non-binding
mediation. One individual who is mutually acceptable to both parties shall be appointed as
mediation. The mediation shall occur within sixty days form the date the mediator is appointed
and the costs of the mediation shall be divided equally between the parties; each party paying his
or her share of estimated costs at least ten days prior to mediation. Mediation shall be held in
Crypto Shift headquarters and shall not last more than two business days. Venue for all disputes relating to
the Associate Agreement shall be in Crypto Shift headquarters.

Section 3 Associate Agreement

1. An Associate is an independent contractor and is not authorized to receive checks made out to
Crypto Shift or conduct any business as an employee, officer or representative of the
company. No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of this

2. Crypto Shift cannot be held liable for losses resulting from delays or failures to perform its
obligations due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Nor is Crypto Shift liable for
the actions of independent Associates, including, but not limited to Associate agreements or
product orders taken by Associate and not submitted directly to the corporate office. Any
applications that are faxed or mailed should be followed up by phone by the Associate submitting
the application. This is to make certain your application was received. The Associate here by
waives any claim against Crypto Shift and/or its directors, officers, employees, or agents based
upon any unauthorized acts by third parties.

3. Orders are processed with the most current prices at the time of processing. All orders are
processed in a timely fashion and usually ship the next business day. Exceptions are weekends
and holidays.

4. Purchasing products solely for the purpose of collecting bonuses is prohibited and the
Associate agrees to either use or sell at least seventy percent of products purchased. All
commissions and bonuses are based upon the sale of Crypto Shift Products.

5. Products may be purchased and sold at retail. Although there is a suggested retail price, there
is no ceiling price that may be charged. Products may be given away or sold at any price to
friends and family.

6. Most products are delivered by Postal Service.  Although it’s left at the
company’s discretion and when pricing permits to use other carriers. Please allow five to seven
business days for delivery after shipment. International orders take longer and delivery time
varies per country.

7. For international orders:  Crypto Shift cannot guarantee, and is not responsible for, end of
delivery of international product orders that are shipped out of Africa by way of drop-ship
centers, or any other middleman. Proof of delivery can be provided only for delivery to the
address on the invoice.

8. Changes to orders cannot be made. Make sure your order is correct before submitting.
(Products may be exchanged if they are unopened and the order date is less than 60 days old.
Shipping and handling fees will apply*.)

9. When the product is out of stock, the money will be refunded in the personal Back Office wallet.

10. Crypto Shift orders are covered by a 120-day guarantee. No refund is possible.

11. Accounts in violation of this policy will be terminated.

12. Associates agree that Crypto Shift may collect, summarize, and utilize any personal
information such as testimonials or marketing materials that you voluntarily provide, and may
combine any such information collected from you with information collected from other members
to be shared in the form of newsletters or posted on our website. Associates may use data and
material from our website for personal marketing as long as it contains its original content.

13. Any Associate who wishes to resign declines the ownership of  future earnings and needs to pay an extra fee of $100, deducted from the withdrawal of earnings.
When an Associate resigns, any down line will remain with the original organization.  Any
Associate that remains inactive for 12 consecutive months will be deactivated, any active
downline will remain with the original organization.

14. Upon the death or incapacity of an Associate, the down line will not pass to the benefit of the
Associate’s successors in interest. It is the responsibility of the next of kin to notify Crypto Shift of the departure of the Associate to be able to collect future earnings in his/her name.  
These guidelines were written with the Associate in mind. If deemed necessary, these
policies may be modified without prior notification at the discretion of the companycompany for
compliance with various state and federal laws. Changes will only be made after the most
careful consideration and review.